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Pain In The Neck?
by Dr. Connor McCormick

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Headache disorders are the most common disorder of the nervous system. It is estimated that around 90 percent of the population suffers from headaches at least some time in their lives. In the U.S., more than 45 million people suffer from headaches. With a problem that large, you think we would have answers on how to mitigate something that is such a pain in the head. The best solution I have for headaches is more of an integrated approach. Step one: You must classify what TYPE of headache you have. With the help of a PCP or someone trained in identifying the different types of headaches, find out which type is affecting you! A link for common types of headaches. This step is important to rule out dangerous underlying causes for certain headaches. Furthermore, certain headaches have different treatments! Knowing this can lead you on a path to recovery. However, there are some additional things you can make sure you do as well!

1. ) Identify and REMOVE possible triggers for your headaches. (foods, caffeine, alcohol, hormones, etc.)

2. ) Make sure you are properly hydrated! First, take your body weight and divide that by two. Now make sure you drink that number of ounces of water DAILY.

3. ) Get your rest! Lack of sleep increases certain hormones that regulate the stress levels in our body. Therefore, proper sleep allows for a decrease in frequency and intensity of headaches!

Lastly, remember to keep your spine in proper alignment! A randomized control trial showed the effectiveness of adjustments for headaches! Headaches are usually symptoms or secondary conditions of spinal shifts. Spinal shifts, where your spine becomes misaligned, create aberrant biomechanics, which sends improper information to your brain. Your brain then sends back a “bad” signal to your body in the form of pain. This pain is a SYMPTOM. Treating the symptoms does NOT remove the problem. I hope you found this informative!

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