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Posture Affects Attitude
by Dr. Connor McCormick

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An optimal spine equals optimal health with your posture being the window to you spine, but that’s not all…A new study has revealed that good posture also gives you more confidence in your own thoughts.

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Researchers have concluded that people sitting up straight think more positively about themselves, and are more likely to have confidence within themselves when it comes to believing their own thoughts. In the study those in the upright position reported more confidence in the thoughts they generated.
On the other hand, those with poor posture who are slumped over their desks are less likely to accept the thoughts they are generating.
The results show how our body posture can affect not only what others think about us, but also how we think about ourselves, said Richard Petty, co-author of the study and professor of psychology at Ohio State University.
“Most of us were taught that sitting up straight gives a good impression to other people,” Petty said. “But it turns out that our posture can also affect how we think about ourselves. If you sit up straight, you end up convincing yourself by the posture you’re in.”
“People assume their confidence is coming from their own thoughts. They don’t realize their posture is affecting how much they believe in what they’re thinking,”

Why Chiropractic?

Every single chiropractic adjustment that you receive is given with the intent of realigning your spine to the nice healthy position is was designed to be in. Any time your posture shifts away from the ideal position you are putting dangerous pressure on the nervous system which ultimately affects the functioning of the entire body!
If you have graduated from the initial intensive program of care and have made your exercises part of your daily routine – Great Job! They are a vital part of your chiropractic care, accounting for 40% of the change that you will experience from your chiropractic program.
If you haven’t been doing your exercises daily, make sure you start today! Every day you do not do your prescribed exercises, you are limiting the results that you get from the next adjustment, and your overall chiropractic care. Alternatively, when combined with your regular scheduled adjustments, every day you do your prescribed exercises you are ensuring you gain the very most from your chiropractic care, and you are one step closer to living an outrageously happy, fulfilled and healthy life!

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